is a swiss army knife to detect malicious and scam websites. It helps you determine if a website is safe or malicious, in particular it can help you detect fake online e-shops. Avoid online scams by analyzing the unknown websites on Scamquery service to know if the website is trustworthy or scam/fraudulent. This service is free to use and is used by many IT companies and Internet users to check if a website is a scam or safe. We want to help you make the right decision before buy products from unknown websites.

When you submit a website on Scamquery service we check if the website is detected by Google Safe-browsing, ThreatLog, BitDefender, Spamhaus, Avira and other trusted sources. We check when the domain was first created (also known as "domain age"), we check the site reputation on MyWOT service, and much more. So you have all the needed details to better determine the safety of the submitted website. You can use this service to detect fake e-commerce sites and malware/phishing-related websites.

Analyzing of subdomains (e.g. is not supported.

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